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Week 1: 6 Sept
Week 2: 13 Sept
Week 3: 20 Sept
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Week 5: 4 Oct
Week 6: 11 Oct
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Week 10: 8 Nov
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Unit 19 updated, 2011
Unit 20 updated, 2011b
Endoparasites updated, 2011

We'll be in Ed2 South Rm. 2305

Hey, Immunobloggers, how about some coverage of the chicken-pox lollipop scandal?

Guinea worm (dracunculiasis) is nearly eradicated, remaining in isolated areas in 4 African countries. This nasty creature must pass through a human host who acquires both a male and a female larva from drinking water. They mate within, and the egg-laying female emerges from the skin a year later. If this step can be eliminated (the Carter Foundation thinks it an) then the worm will be gone, as there is no other host. Good riddance!

WEEK 10: 8 November

Unit 19: Immunopathology Type II: Autoimmunity Download the PDF

Unit 20: Immunopathology Type I: Allergy/Parasite Immunity Download the PDF

Supplemental material (optional): Human endoparasites

Supplemental material (optional): M1 and M2 Macrophage Activation (pdf) A brief review of the two opposing macrophage types, kindly written for us by a former IMMU 7630 student who finished his PhD on tumors and their macrophages in 2011.