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Week 1: 6 Sept
Week 2: 13 Sept
Week 3: 20 Sept
Week 4: 27 Sept
Week 5: 4 Oct
Week 6: 11 Oct
Week 7: 18 Oct
Week 8: 25 Oct
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We'll be in Ed2 South Rm. 2305

Unit 2 updated, 2011

Please print the notes for Unit 2 now, and be sure to read through them before class. This is an important part of this course; in class we will spend time on the more interesting or difficult parts of the material, but I will not just read the notes to you. You can learn the more factual material on your own much better that way. Some of the notes have color illustrations which you will see in the PDFs, and if you are very rich, print in color.

WEEK 1: 6 September

Unit 1: Introduction to the Course and Immunology (no notes or learning objectives for this Unit).

Unit 2: Innate to Adaptive Immunity Download the PDF

Get yourself a Google account now

We will be collectively writing, commenting on, and rewriting a blog called Inflammablog 5! A blog is a simple way to post your thoughts about a topic, and for others to comment afterwards on your post or the topic. Ours is at By having a blog we avoid writing a long and tedious term paper.

First: To blog, you will need a Google account ( Inflammablog 5! runs on Blogger, a Google product). If you don't already have one, or want a new one, it's easy: Go to and click the "create a blog" box. On the page that comes up, enter your email and a password, and your "display name".
IMPORTANT: Your display name should be in this format:
First-nameLast-initial7630 if you are REGISTERED in IMMU 7630: e.g., MikeC7630

Use any display name you want if you are auditing; we would still like you to blog or comment.

That's all you need to do, exit after submitting that page (i.e., don't start your own blog.).

If you already have a Google account, go to and log in, then find blogger and set your display name.

Second: In a while, you will be sent an invitation to join the " Inflammablog 5! team" which will allow you to post and comment.