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The notes are all updated for 2011, some more than once during the semester.

On 12 January 2012 India reported it has gone an entire year without a new case of polio reported. Nevertheless they plan to continue their intense immunization campaign, with 174 million kids on the list for the next 3 months. Worldwide, only 600 cases, but some in countries that had previously been polio-free. These cases are probably imported.

The FDA has now approved Zostavax, the shingles vaccine, for people 50-59 (as well as older people). ACIP decided not to endorse the recommendation since supplies are limited or uncertain, but it's OK to get the vaccine if you can. Remember: live vaccine precautions for Zostavax.

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Instructor: J. John Cohen, MDCM, PhD

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The course ran 6 September to 13 December 2011.
Tuesdays 1-3 PM (1300-1500 h)

IMMU 7630 is a course in human-based immunology designed for graduate students, clinicians, and others who are not necessarily immunologists. It considers the broad sweep of immunology and its relationships to other disciplines, focusing on ideas and concepts more than details. Sufficient clinical examples are included to establish relevance, and widely-used immunologically-based methods are discussed. We practice clear communication by constructing and maintaining a blog to which we all contribute. These course notes serve as our textbook. Scroll down for pdf files of each Unit, which corresponds to about an hour of class. Look at the files and decide if you want to print them in B&W or (expensive) color.
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2011 Course Schedule

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1 6 Sept 1 Introduction to Course & Immunology
2 Innate to Adaptive Immunity
2 13 Sept 3 Anatomy & Physiology of the Immune System
    4 Antibody Structure
3 20 Sept 5 Antibody Genes
    6 Antibody Function
4 27 Sept 7 Immunological Techniques 1
    8 Ontogeny of the Immune System
5 4 Oct 9 T Cells
    10 T Cells
6 11 Oct 11 Immunogenetics & Transplantation
    12 Resistance, Immunity & Vaccines
7 18 Oct 13 MIDTERM TEST
8 25 Oct 15 Immunology of AIDS
    16 Immunology of AIDS
9 1 Nov 17 Immunodeficiencies
    18 Immunopathology Type III: Immune Complex Disease
10 8 Nov 19 Immunopathology Type II: Autoimmunity
    20 Immunopathology Type I: Allergy & Parasite Immunity
11 15 Nov 21 Immunopathology Type IV: T Cell Mediated
    22 Chronic Frustrated Immune Responses & Regulation
12 22 Nov 23 Immunohematology
    24 Diagnosing the Immune System
13 29 Nov 25 Immunological Techniques 2
    26 Tumor Immunology
14 8 Dec 27 Lymphomas, New Developments & Ideas
    28 Overview & Review
15 13 Dec 29 FINAL TEST